Do you have the skills required to convey a message? Would you be interested in explaining the miraculous effects of our technology and help others understand how they can make a significant change in this world?

We are looking for partners who are able to convey the message and the effective way to implement technology that will streamline operations and deliver a better standard of care?

Our revolutionary device provides a fast and convenient method of performing an ECG, and we want you to partner with us and be a part of this major revolution.

Here are a few bits of our technology:

A conventional ECG CheckUp may only require a minute to complete, but the test can be time-consuming to prepare for.  The patient needs to meet with a registered nurse in a room, remove extensive clothing and shoes, apply gel, hook up electrolytes and sensors.  After a minute, the patient can clean up the gel from their body and put back their clothes.  Not every clinic can afford the manpower, time and space for this steps.

In contrast, our device only requires that the patient place their fingers on the device to generate an accurate and reliable reading – fast!

Don’t need a room – Save Space!
Concurrent Multiple CheckUp – Save ManPower!

The reality is that many clinics simply don’t offer to perform an ECG CheckUp, so they rely on more limited methods of assessing the heart-health of their patients. The “ECGeasy Cardiac Health Monitor” brings an end to that by introducing a fast and efficient solution where it’s needed the most.

We believe the statistics speak for themselves:

  • Average time taken to prepare for and perform a conventional ECG CheckUp = 10+ minutes.
  • Average time taken using the "FeetData ECG Foot Scale" = 1 minute.
  • Average time saving per ECG CheckUp = 9 minutes/90%+
Just think about the savings on time, manpower and space of the medical center if they do 50 times, or even 100 or more ECG CheckUp in a day!

All data is immediately available for you to view via the iOS / Android App.

If you are able to convey the details of this one-of-a-kind technology to clinics and how they can jumpstart their earnings, please get in touch with us today. When you work with us, you are not an employee, you are our partner, and we would love to work with you!