We are currently seeking funding to fully realize the incredible potential of the "ECGeasy Cardiac Health Monitor" to revolutionize health monitoring – both in the clinic and home environment.

Addressing Proven Needs

The strength of our offering lies in the fact that it meets multiple needs simultaneously.

At its simplest level, the foot scale serves a practical function for aging society.   It’s also a perfect solution for someone who’s inconvenient to travel to doctor’s office.

For decades, the incidence of heart disease has been steadily growing.  Heart disease is, however, both preventable and treatable.  The key is close monitoring of the heart’s health and there is a pressing need for products and technologies to make that monitoring easier.

In some countries, heart disease is very prevalent and medical resources are very limited.  Users can simply forward their data to doctors.  Our product is an ultimate solution, it might save lives.

Moreover, “ECGeasy Cardiac Health Monitor” is a perfect choice for doctors and clinics who are seeking a faster, less intrusive means of performing an ECG CheckUp.

The Opportunity

Our founder and owner, John Lui, was quick to identify a lucrative opportunity to address seemingly diverse issues with one simple but exceptionally effective product. The ECG Cardiac Health Monitor and its associated technologies will allow our business to access multiple revenue streams:

1) Product Sales

Initially we are forecasting a significant stream of revenue simply from the sale of the device itself.

2) Licensing

We will receive mailbox check by licensing our technology to distributors.

3) Premium Subscriptions

Users wishing to avoid advertising messages can upgrade to our premium app which is available on a subscription basis and will present the third source of revenue.

4) Big Data

The value of health data to businesses such as health insurers is difficult to overstate. Long-term it will become possible to monetize the significant quantities of anonymized data that we will collect.

5) Recurring Income

We offer free credits every month to satisfy our home-users. For commercial application, our usage credit is charged at the extremely low rate. We will benefit from every single use of our product.

6) Marketing Solution

Our users will install an iOS / Android App. This will allow for the monitoring of their health, but will also provide a range of health and lifestyle advisory articles/videos. This will offer us a significant opportunity to tap into sponsored messages, affiliate marketing, and similar revenue streams.

7) Lead Referral

Our app will become a perfect lead source for service providers. The user will be able to connect with a nutritionist, personal trainer, clinics, insurance company, etc.

8) Global Presence

We are going to expand our global licensee, distributor & partner network through international competitions, trade shows, events, crowdfunding and digital marketing.

Contact Us

Those interested in investing in a product and associated technologies that meet a proven need and target multiple revenue streams are invited to contact us.